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Desert Ridge Cryo


​​​​Whole Body Cryotherapy

​Is a fast growing holistic wellness solution that enables the body
to naturally recover at the cellular level.  This occurs by exposing yourself to temperatures between –170°F to –270°F for up to 3 minutes.  Whole BodyCryotherapy causes vassal constriction which strips the muscle and skin tissue as well as the surrounding joint space of the toxins that cause pain and inflammation and impede recovery.  During this process the
red blood cells continue to loop though the cardiovascular system which filters toxins and adds oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes to the red blood cells.  Upon exit from the Chamber the body experiences vassal dilation which takes the enriched blood back to the muscle and skin tissues as well as the surrounding joint space and creates favorable conditions for:

Rejuvenating muscles and skin
Boosting your energy level and metabolic rate

Increasing collagen production in skin

Reducing inflammation



Cool Relief

​​​Desert Ridge Cryotherapy